IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before placing an order please read the 'How to Order' section. Ensure all the fresh products in your basket have the same delivery date.

How to Order


Firstly, thank you sincerely for choosing to support us.

We have recently made the decision to change our deliveries to Friday only. Most customers are focusing on our Friday Night Dinners, afternoon teas etc. for weekend delivery. We hope this doesn't cause any issues for our regular customers. If you do need something bespoke, mid-week, such as a party delivery, do drop us a line.

On a Friday We generally set off around 1pm and deliver between 1pm and 6pm, but please do contact us if you need to track your delivery time slot.

IMPORTANT: Each collection of fresh food (group of products) and individual fresh product is labelled with a delivery date, which explains which date that particular fresh product will be delivered to you on. 

We ask that you only place an order for items all with the same delivery date. If you would like to place an order for a subsequent delivery date, please do so as a new, separate order.

NEW. We have added a frozen food collection to our website so that we reduce any potential for food waste. You can add frozen food to any fresh food order, ensuring you add fresh food products all with the same date code.

If you only need frozen food or cocktails, please pop the date you require delivery on in the notes field when you check out.

So to order please:

1. We can only deliver to London postcodes at the moment but get in contact if not far from London and will try to accommodate you.

2. Click on 'Shop Food' and pick the collection with the delivery date you require.

3. Only add fresh products within that collection (all tagged with the same delivery date) to your basket.

4. Add any frozen products you require from the frozen collection.

5. Check out and wait for your tasty food to arrive!

We have a minimum order value of £40 for each delivery date.


As this venture is an emergency measure under the lock down imposed by COVID-19 we have built this website using basic functionality. Please bear with us as we do not have the full functionality of larger online retailers, such as allowing you to book delivery slots or automatically blocking orders from outside our catchment areas.

Chilled, Ambient & Frozen Food Service.

Please note this is mainly a chilled and ambient food delivery service. We have recently added a frozen collection, so any frozen products will be marked as such. No hot / ready to eat food will be delivered (except cake & wine!) We can provide basic instructions for reheating food at home and you can also freeze many items to consume at a later date.

Menus & Substitutions.

Times are quickly evolving and although the current wholesale supply chain is OK, some products may suddenly go out of stock. If this happens we will try and offer you the closest alternative we can and communicate this to you.


We have recently revised our shipping policy based on customer feedback.

Our rates should now automatically be calculated at checkout based on how far from our kitchen your shipping address is.

Free delivery is applied if you live within a certain radius of our kitchen or the home addresses of our key drivers.

Standard delivery across much of London has been reduced to £5. Delivery to further areas of London is £10.

Free delivery across London has been applied to orders over £80.

Free delivery for people who live on the main travel routes for our key employees, between our kitchen in SE15 and their homes. These post codes include:

SE Postcodes = SE1, 4, 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26. PLUS.

SW Postcodes = SW2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 12

Other postcodes = BR3

We can only deliver to London postcodes.

Please see a full list of shipping zones and costs HERE.