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How to Order


Firstly, thank you sincerely for choosing to support us.

As we move into the whole new world, which is nation-wide delivery, we have chosen to kick things off by sticking to our usual Friday delivery dates. If it would be super useful to you to have a weekday delivery, then please do lobby us by dropping us an email here.

Choosing your products / Delivery date

All of our products are arranged by month collection and so are only available for delivery on the dates within the month they are tagged with. Please only create a basket with products from one month collection, so that when you check out you can choose a delivery date within the appropriate / same month from our delivery scheduling calendar.

Collaborations / specific delivery dates

We will also be running some collaboration projects, which are only available for one pop-up delivery date at a time. If you are ordering a collaboration menu or product, please check the product details to ensure you select the matching delivery date in the scheduling calendar at check out.

Hampers & Christmas

Our Christmas hampers are available now to pre-order for December delivery dates. If you would like to order for multiple addresses or are a corporate customer, please drop us a line at

Our Christmas Dinner Bundles will be available for delivery (or local collection from our kitchen) in Christmas week only.

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