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Special Small Events

As we navigate the strange reality that is 2020 many of our clients have had to cancel larger gathering special occasions due to the necessary lockdown measures.

But, birthdays still need to be celebrated, anniversaries marked, spirits lifted due to postponed weddings and date nights still make for happier couples.

So, we are bringing back our catering services in a much smaller way. Drop off dinner parties, canapés, brunches, grazing tables or Afternoon Teas (to name but a few) are all on the menu with our bespoke Special Small Events service.

We can also create a great garden party with our show stopping paellas or using your own bbq.

To find out more about what we could bring to your celebration, whether that we recreating your wedding menu or a meal from your favourite travels, drop us a line at 

We’re here to lift your spirits!

Jenny & Monica

CanapesGarden paella
Grazing table