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The LKD Food Quiz

For this year's Christmas hampers we compiled a three round quiz or foodies. If you fancy having a go, see the questions below. Click the link at the bottom to reveal the answers and see how you did!

Round one: International

1       If you saw canard on a French Menu, what type of meat would be on offer?

2       Where is saganaki from?

3       WHAT AM I? Middle Eastern eggs baked into tomatoes for breakfast

4       Which of these is NOT an Indian bread? Puri, Chapati, Chaat, Naan

5       What is the name of the Korean clay pot bowl dish with rice, egg and veg?

6       Nikkei food is a combination of which two global cuisines? Brazilian & Chinese, Peruvian & Japanese, French & Moroccan, Vietnamese & Cajun

7       What alchohol is used in a Mexican 'Michelada' cocktail? Tequila, Rum or Beer

8       Where do 'Hoppers' originate from? Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal

9       How are German dampfnudels cooked? Baked, Fried or Poached

10      Bobotie is the national dish of which company? South Africa, Ethopia, Nigeria        

Round two: Popular Culture

1       In the Christmas song by Nat King Cole what was "roasting on an open fire"?

2       Which pudding is demanded in the song “We wish you a merry Christmas”?

3       All right, stop, collaborate and listen – who rocks the mic like a vandal?

4       What does Kelis have that brings all the boys to the yard?

5       According to the film Pulp Fiction, what is a quarter pounder burger called in France

6       In the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally, what is Sally having when the lady at the next table says, "I'll have what she's having!"

7       Which classic animated film sees two love bird pups eating both ends of a string of spaghetti?

8       Which famous cookery writer is played by Meryll Streep in a film about her life?

9       Who sang that "someone left a cake out in the rain" in a disco classic?

10      What famous cocktail to the Eagles sing about in their song released in 1973?

Round three: General

1       What is Paddington Bear’s favourite food?

2       What alcoholic drink is made from fermented rice?

3       What is the only fruit which has seeds on its outer skin?

4       What is the only human edible food that doesn’t go bad?

5       What food is traditionally eaten on Burns Night? 

6       In what country would you eat poutine?

7       What do you add to a croque monsieur to make it a croque madame?

8       Hickory trees produce what kind of nuts?

9       Which pasta shape literally translates from Italian as "little tongues"?

10      What were cocoa beans once used for by the Aztecs?